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Continued softness in the office market discouraged investor interest in large multi-tenant product. Average cap rates drifted higher in both the CBD and suburban markets as the jobless recovery undermined demand and forced vacancy rates up throughout the year. As a result, several portfolio offerings were withdrawn from the market during 2003, including a 700,000-square-foot Class A office tower in the heart of the CBD. While most office product is relatively well occupied, the lack of meaningful absorption has forced potential buyers to discount prices to compensate for rollover risk, higher than usual vacancies and limited upside potential in the near term. At the same time, low interest rates have improved performance of otherwise marginal properties.

This situation is likely to continue until interest rates begin to increase, forcing sellers to be more realistic about pricing, which could significantly increase the volume of investment transactions in the office sector  West Coast Valuers Conditions should improve during 2004 as the economy gains momentum and job growth translates into increased demand for multi-housing product.

The five Midwestern markets covered in the Great Plains represent small to mid-sized metropolitan areas that are largely influenced by the national economy and experience similar trends as first-tier markets. The region’s central location is a beneficial aspect, and provides a bridge between the active coastal mega-metropolitan markets.

The region’s commercial real estate markets are nearly parallel. In each of the five markets, retail is the leading product type with vast growth and limited ramifications of the economic downturn. However, the question remains whether or not retail can sustain the same rate of growth for much longer. Meanwhile, office and industrial are making a comeback in most of the cities after enduring a two-year slowdown.

St. Louis, the largest metropolitan area in the region, is the healthiest. Nearly every property type in the St. Louis market is performing well and is poised for further growth. The St. Louis office market is recovering with a gradual uptick in demand and a shallow speculative construction pipeline. The recent trend towards corporate consolidations is further fueling activity. Companies such as MCI WorldCom, MasterCard International and Express Scripts constructed new corporate facilities. Now, two more companies are continuing this trend, as CitiGroup and A.G. Edwards move into their new headquarters facilities.

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Every question becomes like pulling teeth. And that’s why, with young startups, people give up. My suggestion is, rather than give up,make your best estimates. Don’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders,saying, I have to be right. You cannot be right, but you can still make estimates. For the last four years, every timeyou’ve had a big IPO come up, the week before the IPO,I’ve tried to value the IPO.

property1The reason I do it the week before the IPOis, if you wait until the IPO is priced,that number starts gnawing away at your brain. So when you do a valuation, your numberstarts to wander toward that number. So this is actually a valuation I did of Twitter, the weekbefore their IPO. So what triggered this was, I was on CNBC. So once in awhile, I end up in that insanity. And I was actually– we were talking about Twitter. And there’s an analyst there who was very optimisticabout Twitter.

So I said, why do you think Twitter is worth so much?He thought it was about $ or $ per share. He said, because the online advertising business is huge. So I said, how big is the online advertising business?He said, I don’t know, but it’s huge. This is exactly what gets us into trouble. People don’t want to talk– it’s like China.

Online, it’s huge. And because it’s huge, I can pay whatever I want. So I said, you know what?If I want to value Twitter, that’s where I need to start. I need to figure out how big this business is. Doesn’t take a whole lot of research to figure this out. But the entire online advertising business in was about $ billion. That’s the whole global online advertising business. The biggest player, by far, is Google. And if you look at the breakdown, you can see,Google is about % of the global online advertising. Read More:

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reading coach Johnnie Renick said.Carter’s book, No Excuses, is a 121-page diagnosis of 21 high performing, high-poverty schools in 13 states, including Alabama’s neighbors, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia.Curriculum West Coast Valuers  Coordinator Dee Dee Jones said the schedule-change idea came from several schools highlighted in Carter’s book.The thing they seemed to have in common was they believed every child could succeed, Jones said.They had individual prescriptions for the students, and they would push them to meet expectations.Decatur educators learned about the book at a meeting with the Alabama Department of Education in August.

Carter was in Decatur last week at the invitation of Cedar Ridge Middle School Principal Beth Lacy who asked him to participate in a professional development workshop.Carter discussed and answered questions about his book with the staffs of the city’s three middle schools.With 74 percent of his students qualifying for the federal government’s free or reduced lunch program — a measure of poverty at a school — Brookhaven Principal Larry Collier said the staff wanted to see if it could learn from successful schools in Carter’s book.

I was very excited when the staff said they wanted to make the change, Collier said.They identified the problems (with math and reading), and they came up with a great idea to solve the problems.The Brookhaven staff knows it is taking a risk in concentrating more on two subjects.Since devising a school improvement plan last summer to improve test scores, Hale’s data showed that math and reading are a bigger issue than the staff realized.

Collier said the educators are not changing the improvement plan that requires approved lesson plans and additional remediation for struggling students, but adding to it.We’ve got to make sure the students are getting their basics, Collier said.We test weak in math and reading, and those subjects carry over into the other subjects.

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We will install a four-barrel 10-feet-by-6-feet boxed culvert.There are drainage concerns in that area, but rebuilding this road won’t fix problems, but it certainly will not cause any, said Bodley.The project will cost $116,000, according to Bodley.I don’t know exactly when the work will start, but it will be soon, he melbourne property valuations said.Last week, a company finished paving in a bridge project at Indian Hills Road near Hartselle.They finished that as expected, but they still have to put up the rails, and do seeding and mulching in off-road areas, Bodley said.

It’s unclear how many jobs will be created by the eight newly announced suppliers.But once open, the 23 tier-one suppliers will employ more than 4,000 people from Athens to Enterprise, or twice the number of workers at the Hyundai plant slated to open in 2005.Delphi Steering Systems in Limestone County is among the suppliers and has a contract that calls for 600,000 halfshafts annually by 2007.

The impact Hyundai and its suppliers have had on the central part of the state — and, really, the entire state — is just unbelievable and apparently they are not finished yet, Neal Wade, executive director of the Alabama Development Office, said Sunday.State officials expect the suppliers of parts for Hyundai’s next-generation Sonata sedan and next-generation Santa Fe sport utility vehicle to invest a combined $475 million in Alabama.Hyundai received $252.8 million in tax breaks, worker training, road improvements and other incentives from the state and local governments.

Wade said the jobs that will be created justify the incentives.We’ve seen that with all the auto plants that have located in the state, Wade said.There is no question the state and these local communities get back much more than they give with these kinds of projects.A study prepared after Hyundai announced plans for the plant in 2002 projected $280 million in annual economic impact and at least 8,000 new jobs both inside and outside the auto industry.Hyundai officials say the plant is 75 percent complete and should be finished by June.

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The simplest way to calculate the current house price is to use the online house price calculator tool which is present on many website and you can use it without paying any fees. By using this tool you will be able to get the house price in the very fast manner. Use the COI to recce the route, to provide local media with operational notes and to pre-brief you on local issues remember every Minister speaks for the whole Government. Regional broadcasters will expect Ministers to be prepared to give the Government’s position on regional issues regardless of which Department they fall to.

Valuation+sign+3Build in media time for photo-opportunities to give TV and newspapers lunchtime and early evening pictures. Make time for live links into radio lunchtime bulletins and drive-time slots. A departmental or local COI press officer should be present throughout the visit. It is vital that the Department and the Centre are always up to speed on anything with a national flavour. It is equally vital that the Minister is kept up to speed on national stories. To that end the press officer will need a phone, beeper, radio and tape recorder.

Make sure that the COI brief you on the day with details of any breaking stories. After the visit get the COI to supply you with cuttings and videos of news items. Inform potential suppliers what you need them to do in terms of text, design, and print. Suppliers will base the timetable and costs of producing your publication on this briefing. You should supply a written brief as well as a spoken one.

Only you have to give some basic answers of the question present there and this should answer correctly for getting the appropriate value for your house in the Compensation Valuations. When this procedure is performed correctly then you will get your house price instantly without facing any complex process.  Your Department may already have a style guide explaining corporate colours, typefaces, the use of your logo, etc, that you need to brief suppliers about.

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land sales should gain momentum during the next 12 months. Prime residential and retail land will continue to be in demand throughout central Ohio.

Retail out parcels and multi housing land have risen in value. Retail out parcels increased by $80,000 per acre in 2003, while multi housing increased by almost $3,000 per acre. The northwest and northeast submarkets will continue to be the hot spots for land sales and development The Open Business Sector An economic recovery should bring more development, which will turn up the flame under land sales and prices, particularly retail and multi housing. Land sales for industrial and office development will remain slow.

The Indianapolis office market decline extended through 2003, the third year of sub-par performance. The dramatic emergence of sublease space, in excess of a million square feet comprising 25 percent of the market’s vacant inventory, became the primary headline, driven by the ever-shrinking economy, loss of jobs and overall tenuous business climate. The 2003 year- end numbers across the market are only slightly softer than they were at the beginning of the year, however, as the bulk of the drop in occupancy during this cycle occurred in late 2002. This suggests that the market is very close to the bottom with a recovery in sight.

Projections for 2004, although not extremely positive, suggest that the end of the downturn is near. Sublease space is disappearing due to a combination of positive absorption and landlord take-backs. The worst of the job losses appear to be over, while the latest GDP data suggest that demand for labor could gain momentum by the first quarter of 2004. That is about the time that Indianapolis area rental rates and vacancies should hit bottom. But the turnaround will be slow given the lag from employment gains to office space need, and should take well into 2005.

The two primary impacts forecasted for 2003 occurred only partially. First, the state tax assessment change did not affect landlords as significantly as previously assumed. Second, the amount of square footage delivered was less than forecasted. Both of these occurrences softened impacts to the office market and magnified the gains in occupancy that did occur. In particular, the CBD market performed better than it had in the previous three years combined. Occupancy growth there and continued construction deliveries in the suburbs allowed the CBD to surpass the suburbs in terms of occupancy for the first time in recent history.

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Summary: Cyprus is a famous beach resort and therefore it is also the home for dozens of villas. Let us in this article try and get some idea as to what it takes to identify the right villa here.

If you are looking for a beach resort that is one of the best in the world, then there is no doubt that Cyprus is the place to be in. it has some of the most magnificent beach resorts in the world. Hence, it is hardly surprising that each year millions of tourists make a beeline to this place in quest of a peaceful and memorable holiday. Hence, there is a big demand for accommodation almost throughout the year. While there are many hotels which provide quality accommodation for those who are looking for something unique and special, the villas that are a part of this city are extremely popular. Staying in a Cyprus villa and spending the holiday has its own advantages and benefits.

Hence, there is hardly any element of surprise when we see wealthy individuals willing to spend thousands or even millions of dollars in buying villas in this city. Apart from being very good investment avenues these villas also provide the ideal getaway for families at least once or twice a year. They can save lot of money on hotel accommodation while enjoying the various benefits and advantages associated with stay in villas.

While this is all great news, buying a villa in Cyprus is not an easy job. There are quite a few points that has to be kept in mind. First and foremost, choosing the right villa from amongst the hundreds could be a challenging task. It may not be possible for you as a buyer to do this job. You may have to take the help of professionals and when we talk about these professionals, the role of property valuers becomes quite important and evident. They help in identifying the right property after taking into account various factors. They have a look at the location of the property that is very important. They help in finding out more about the quality of the property because beach properties are always at a higher risk of damage from the elements. Last but not the least, they will help the prospective buyers with the right information on the commercial property valuation fees of these villas after factoring in various inputs and other such valuable information.

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The CBD will continue to show more improvement than the suburbs, primarily due to the lack of new construction over the past five years and the frequent occurrence of mid-size users leasing additional space or purchasing existing vacant product. Class A properties should display a more positive movement in value than other classes, due to the significant hit — down 15 to 20 percent — to Class A rates over the past two years. This precipitous drop encouraged many companies to acquire Class A space at what, in previous times, were Class B rates. Sales prices have leveled off as well, with $70 to $90 per square foot representing the most common range of product sales.

With an impressive start in 2003, Indianapolis has continued to prove itself as a major distribution hub for many retailers and third party logistics companies. The first half of 2003 saw 2.3 million square feet of bulk distribution space leased including 1.1 million square feet in build-to-suit activity The Property Valuation Report This large absorption of space left the market with little speculative space at midyear. To counter the shortage, Keystone Property Trust with Browning Investments.

Opus North, Quadrangle Development and Lauth Property Group started construction on another 2.9 million square feet of spec space across the western and southern suburbs

Medium distribution did not fare quite as well during 2003. Landlords signed deals as low as $2.40 per square foot, triple net, in order to boost activity and fill space. Flex and R&D asking rental rates remained steady as activity slowly increased. The east submarket remained a concern with few major leases occurring in 2003.

Tax incentive programs, including 10-year real estate tax abatements, continue to draw companies to Indianapolis. The market has some of the most aggressive bulk rental rates in the country. And with the relocation of Interstate 70 and construction of the Six Points Road interchange on the city’s southwest side, an improved artery west of the city will soon be in place, providing more convenient access to Plainfield’s industrial parks and the Ameriplex mixed use development.

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The Indiana legislature’s decision in 2002 to eliminate the state inventory tax by 2007 is helping industrial tenants in most areas of the city. On the flipside, this program will challenge the City of Indianapolis to develop new incentives for tenants to locate in the city’s enterprise zones — areas with pockets of older industrial property targeted for revitalization. Elimination of the inventory tax had been one of the most attractive features of this program.

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Increasing demand for flex product suggests that the economy is slowly improving. As vacancy is reduced, rental rates will begin to pick up again in the flex and medium distribution segments. Meanwhile, bulk activity will continue to be strong in 2004, with Plainfield seeing the most leasing activity. Developers will likely stall construction of additional bulk buildings, though, until activity occurs in any of the four spec buildings under construction across the market. Flex and medium distribution construction will be minimal in 2004. Saxony, a 500-acre multi- use development in Fishers on the city’s northeast side, will likely see its first large industrial tenant in 2004 or early 2005, while the east side market will continue to be sluggish.

The retail market in central Indiana was relatively calm in 2003 with dramatically reduced levels of construction, putting pressure on rental rates for well-located shopping centers. Demand for highly visible and accessible small shop space drove rates up by more than 17 percent in certain submarkets—a dramatic increase by Indianapolis standards.

Also, an increasing number of property owners are leasing their sites rather than selling, leaving buyers with a shrinking pool of viable choices and fueling competition for sites.

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The Indianapolis retail market mirrored the national picture as consumer demand kept pace with new store openings and banks jumped off the sidelines to acquire sites. Among anchor activity of note, Saks Fifth Avenue opened in September at the Fashion Mall, quickly filling the void left by the bankruptcy of Jacobson’s Department Store, and large discounters continued to fill in gaps across the market. Meanwhile, multiple banking institutions sought to create or beef-up their positions in the market, keeping land prices rising even as convenience and drug stores dramatically slowed store openings.

Three major trends to watch in 2004 will be: 1) the emergence of the lifestyle center concept in Indianapolis; 2) the entrance of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market concept into the already crowded grocery sector; and 3) Wal-Mart’s continued construction of SuperCenters in an ongoing effort to grab market share from Meijer and Target.

In spite of job losses in the Indianapolis region, historically low interest rates drove a modest rebound in investment activity across all four segments of the market. Retail led the pack locally as the market reflected the national strength in consumer spending. Cap rates for all retail product declined, led by single-tenant net-leased opportunities best property valuation process. The backpedaling economy kept a lid on office and industrial absorption. Fear of rising vacancy rates gave pause to buyers evaluating investments in these product categories, however they did not halt activity.

Following retail, industrial was the second strongest category with a number of significant transactions throughout the year. Office was the weakest of the four categories, yet there were also significant transactions in this segment during 2003. In spite of weak fundamentals locally, the multi housing segment experienced solid demand.

The key to boosting investment activity back to pre-2001 levels will be job growth. Indiana has done much in the last two years to restructure its tax base and now has the 11th lowest business tax burden in the nation. An aggressive campaign touting the state’s position should dovetail nicely with the long awaited rebound in employment. Occupancy levels in the office, industrial and multi-housing markets are anticipated to rise, which should drive increased operating profits and allow landlords to begin increasing rents during the coming year. Investment dollars are available from local, regional and national buyers seeking better yields and portfolio diversification. Assuming stable interest rates, all of these factors should combine to make 2004 an excellent year to buy and sell all categories of investment properties in central Indiana.