Some Reasons Why We can Need to Understand Property Valuation

land sales should gain momentum during the next 12 months. Prime residential and retail land will continue to be in demand throughout central Ohio.

Retail out parcels and multi housing land have risen in value. Retail out parcels increased by $80,000 per acre in 2003, while multi housing increased by almost $3,000 per acre. The northwest and northeast submarkets will continue to be the hot spots for land sales and development The Open Business Sector An economic recovery should bring more development, which will turn up the flame under land sales and prices, particularly retail and multi housing. Land sales for industrial and office development will remain slow.

The Indianapolis office market decline extended through 2003, the third year of sub-par performance. The dramatic emergence of sublease space, in excess of a million square feet comprising 25 percent of the market’s vacant inventory, became the primary headline, driven by the ever-shrinking economy, loss of jobs and overall tenuous business climate. The 2003 year- end numbers across the market are only slightly softer than they were at the beginning of the year, however, as the bulk of the drop in occupancy during this cycle occurred in late 2002. This suggests that the market is very close to the bottom with a recovery in sight.

Projections for 2004, although not extremely positive, suggest that the end of the downturn is near. Sublease space is disappearing due to a combination of positive absorption and landlord take-backs. The worst of the job losses appear to be over, while the latest GDP data suggest that demand for labor could gain momentum by the first quarter of 2004. That is about the time that Indianapolis area rental rates and vacancies should hit bottom. But the turnaround will be slow given the lag from employment gains to office space need, and should take well into 2005.

The two primary impacts forecasted for 2003 occurred only partially. First, the state tax assessment change did not affect landlords as significantly as previously assumed. Second, the amount of square footage delivered was less than forecasted. Both of these occurrences softened impacts to the office market and magnified the gains in occupancy that did occur. In particular, the CBD market performed better than it had in the previous three years combined. Occupancy growth there and continued construction deliveries in the suburbs allowed the CBD to surpass the suburbs in terms of occupancy for the first time in recent history.

Cyprus Villas – How To Buy The Right One

Summary: Cyprus is a famous beach resort and therefore it is also the home for dozens of villas. Let us in this article try and get some idea as to what it takes to identify the right villa here.

If you are looking for a beach resort that is one of the best in the world, then there is no doubt that Cyprus is the place to be in. it has some of the most magnificent beach resorts in the world. Hence, it is hardly surprising that each year millions of tourists make a beeline to this place in quest of a peaceful and memorable holiday. Hence, there is a big demand for accommodation almost throughout the year. While there are many hotels which provide quality accommodation for those who are looking for something unique and special, the villas that are a part of this city are extremely popular. Staying in a Cyprus villa and spending the holiday has its own advantages and benefits.

Hence, there is hardly any element of surprise when we see wealthy individuals willing to spend thousands or even millions of dollars in buying villas in this city. Apart from being very good investment avenues these villas also provide the ideal getaway for families at least once or twice a year. They can save lot of money on hotel accommodation while enjoying the various benefits and advantages associated with stay in villas.

While this is all great news, buying a villa in Cyprus is not an easy job. There are quite a few points that has to be kept in mind. First and foremost, choosing the right villa from amongst the hundreds could be a challenging task. It may not be possible for you as a buyer to do this job. You may have to take the help of professionals and when we talk about these professionals, the role of property valuers becomes quite important and evident. They help in identifying the right property after taking into account various factors. They have a look at the location of the property that is very important. They help in finding out more about the quality of the property because beach properties are always at a higher risk of damage from the elements. Last but not the least, they will help the prospective buyers with the right information on the commercial property valuation fees of these villas after factoring in various inputs and other such valuable information.